Entrerprise Dynamics

Strategy consulting
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We assist companies with the gathering of critical information, facilitation of strategic planning workshops and initiatives, the compilation of strategic plans, and the implementation of business strategies. To provide further information depth, we also have a partnership with the African Foresight Network.

Enterprise Dynamics

Marketing consulting
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Many people think marketing is easy. We always say that marketing consulting is similar to photography – every person with a digital camera believes they can be a professional photographer. But true results are delivered by the real professional. We help companies to produce deep customer insights, and develop marketing strategies and plans that will truly deliver business results.

Enterprise Dynamics

E-Learning solutions
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We offer both content and deliver platform e-learning solutions to organizations of all sizes. In addition we also offer a unique fully supported version of Harvard ManageMentor to SME companies to provide their employees with the best global training at a very low price – an incredible value proposition! Harvard ManageMentor comprises a suite of 42 online on-demand leadership and management courses, to which subscribed learners have a whole year access to complete as many courses as they wish.

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We create value that drives growth

Contact us for leadership development, business strategy, customer experience, research and business coaching.

We believe in changing the world for a better place. For helping companies and individuals grow and prosper, and to create value for all stakeholders – especially the customers, employees and shareholders of our clients. In order to do so we help people to build their thinking skills, expand their vision, and craft strategies and solutions that can really make a difference.

But vision and strategies in themselves are not enough. We also need bold action and execution of ideas and strategies to be successful. On this website you will find more information about our company, our focuses, our clients, our past experience, and how we can help you to crystallize winning organizational strategies and put them into action.

Contact us today to see how we can help make your world better a better place!

Enroll your employees now for our special fully supported online Harvard ManageMentor leadership & management development programme!

Our experience

Enterprise Dynamics was founded in 1992 and has built up extensive global experience in strategy and marketing consulting and e-learning in different industries.

Entrerprise Dynamics is a Harvard Business Publishing: Corporate Learning referral partner, and a Services SETA accredited training provider no: 12726.

Strategy Development and Consulting

Marketing Planning and Consulting

E-Learning Solution Development

Customer Experience Consulting

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Our Services

Marketing Consulting

We do both quantitative and qualitative research and also provide customer feedback (NPS) and integrated monitoring software solutions.

Strategy Consulting

We provide strategy planning solutions for organizations and facilitate planning workshops and strategy formulation processes.

Market Research

We help companies formulate and implement marketing plans that work.

Harvard ManageMentor for SME's

We provide an extensively supported version of the Harvard ManageMentor suite of courses to SME companies and their learners.

E-Learning solutions

We help corporates and e-learning providers with e-learning solutions, including content creation, content delivery and the management of their e-learning programs.

Customer Experience Design

We help companies map customer journeys and design new breakthrough customer experience solutions that deliver business results.

Our Clients

Our clients over the years include many of the best known brands in South Africa. Services rendered by Enterprise Dynamics or its founder, Dr. Kosie de Villiers, range from smaller to large assignments in many areas of business consulting and e-learning.